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for optimizing empty transport rides

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Trucknet provides an AI, BI, ML (artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning) digital platform enabling companies to arrange shipments in all transport modes in order to reduce freight costs. Connecting to the platform can increase efficiency of supply chain processes by monitoring shipments from a single central place to ensure real-time visibility through location detection and status checks. 

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Connecting to Trucknet's automatic platform offers logistics and transportation companies opportunities for saving resources and cutting costs. In addition, the system delivers an online tool for heavy fleet companies to calculate their CO2 emissions. The heavy vehicle industry is expected to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility, and to comply with new EU standards for reducing CO2 emissions by 2030. Here is where Trucknet adds its unique solution. Quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could provide possibilities for companies interested in carbon emission trading.

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Trucknet can assist companies to apply their resources more effectively by selling unused space in trucks to other companies with information systems based on location. Our BID feature gives the best options available.

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Extra profit

Companies gain extra profit by selling available capacity (empty space) to other transportation companies, thereby reducing deadhead miles.

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Trucknet's system adheres to the highest privacy standards, guided by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, and stores all data in an encrypted database. Security is the primary goal for the development team and the company is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Trucknet for outsourcing companies

(manufacturing companies, retailers, distributors, traders)


  • Cost-saving generated by an automatic electronic bid system: save time and get the quickest and best cost option to organize your shipments;
  • Pay less for your shipments by minimizing the cost of empty miles, using the automatic perfect match;
  • Reduce all daily tasks of planners and communications (e-mail, phone) by a minimum of 50%;
  • Decrease administrative costs for communication (phone), paper flow and printed documentation through digitalization of all relevant documents for each shipment;
  • Increase KPI for delivery to your customers through Real Time Visibility.


Driver's app:

  • Professional navigator for the driver.
  •  Digital e-CMR document.

Trucknet tracker for customers:

  • View the location of the outsourced truck.
  • Digital e-CMR document.
  • POD.
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Trucknet in a Nutshell

Easy to use

Manager Interface

Web-based system

  • Publish outsourcing requests and empty rides
  • Search for outsourcing requests from other companies
  • Manage schedules in Trucknet TMS (Roster)
  • Create contracts between companies
  • View the location of the outsourced truck
  • Get an e-CMR document for any ride
  • BID system
Driver App

Driver Interface

An app for Android/iOS device with a professional navigator

  • View all rides from the Trucknet TMS
  • Change ride status
  • Receive signature of consignee 
  • View e-CMR documents

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