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Our product

Trucknet’s platform can find the best match between cargo companies to carrier companies, for utilizing available empty space in their trucks.

Fleet managers will see significant reductions of empty truck rides by interfacing and negotiating available rides with other (transportation and logistics) companies.

What Is
"The Perfect Match”?

Trucknet offers the best combination for cross-company optimization by matching the location of an available truck with cargo, taking into consideration the final destination and more.

We take a holistic view and our BID system offers convenient options for freight services.

Our System

Trucknet collects data based on telematics technology, such as GPS location as well as operational information from TMS (Transport Management Systems) in an automatic way. The emission calculator (in development) predicts GHG emissions based on the weight of cargo, truck characteristics, kilometers travelled, and fuel volume capacity. At the end of a ride, the exact amount of CO2 emissions will be calculated.
Trucknet is ISO 9001 certified for meeting customer requirements in the best manner possible.

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The Trucknet platform

Provides an automatic match for empty vehicles and subcontractor requests from other companies

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Internal scheduling software for transportation companies

Bidding System

Automated Bidding Platform for Suppliers and Carriers

Driver Interface

A mobile application for the driver

Tracker App

A mobile application for end-to-end delivery (under development) for better visibility and transparent process

Trucknet Telematics

A central interface for different telematics systems (under development)

Our Goal.
Our Mission.

Trucknet’s mission is to transform unsustainable behavior in the global transportation and logistics sector. Through wide use of the intelligent cloud-based platform for cross-company optimization empty truck rides travelling on roads worldwide could be significantly reduced. We envisage promoting our smart freight exchange system to assist companies enhance profitability, while reducing environmental impact.

meet our amazing team

The Ones Behind The Magic​

Hanan Fridman

Founder And President
Hanan Fridman founded Trucknet Enterprise in 2016, he developed a unique automated platform, based on a smart algorithm.
  • As a distinguished expert in the environment, sustainability, and logistics with a degree in business administration, Hanan has extensive experience.
  • Hanan specialized in implementing Global GAP BRC standards for export quality on agricultural farms.
  • As manager of the ‘Keshet Te’amim’ project at the Ministry of Defense, he was responsible for promoting privatization of the food and logistics sector in the IDF.
  • He then successfully oversaw the construction of over 200 solar power plant projects, totaling over 120 million shekels in the Eilat and Arava regions.
  • Currently Hanan is actively involved in the Prime Minister’s Office Fuel Substitutes and Smart Transportation Development Program. As an expert on behalf of the ITF Organization (the International Transport Forum of the OECD) the Ministry of Environmental Protection invited Hanan to participate in the climate conferences in Paris in 2015 (COP 21), Madrid in 2019 (COP 25), and Glasgow in 2021(COP 26).
As of 2021, Trucknet, led by Hanan Fridman, has been a member of CPB, the ITF organization’s BOARD, whose mission is to engage the private sector in discussions and debates with governments in order to find solutions and address transportation sector challenges.
  • Furthermore, in addition to his professional activities, Hanan serves on the board of trustees of “Larger Than Life’’, a non-profit organization that supports families affected by childhood cancer.
Additionally, Hanan lectures and mentors for ‘’Unistream’’, an organization that aims to reduce societal disparities by empowering entrepreneurship among teenagers and young people in the periphery.

Daniel Shevy

Head of R&D

Lana Elner

Business Development Manager

Sorin Teriteanu

GM Europe

Ronnie Ginat

International Sustainability Manager

Rotem Noam

Director of Communications And Media Development

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