The logistics industry in the Gulf Area

The logistics industry is an essential and dynamic sector that connects and supports
various economic activities and sectors in the Gulf Area.

Cargo industry

Critical supply chain challenges in 2023

The global supply chain faced an unprecedented upheaval last year, while the challenges remain for the logistics industry as we enter into 2023.


eCMR Protocol

The eCMR Protocol will be mandatory for all EU countries from 2026.

Empty Miles Main picture

Empty Miles – problems and solutions

The problem of a truck that runs empty without cargo is well known. It increases costs, harms the environment and causes loss in efficiency for both shippers and carriers. How can we eliminate empty miles in the current situation?

Sea Freight and connection to road transportation

Sea Freight and connection to road transportation

Sea transportation is a fundamental part of the logistics industry. Nevertheless, many processes are not automated. Breaking down silos between functions is always a challenge, but how can we improve the process with technologies?

Global Emissions

Global Emissions

What is the current situation with CO2 emissions in the world?

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