SDG 9 -
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

"Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation."

Economic development, population growth, increased technological innovation, and cheap online goods are some of the main factors for the cargo transportation and logistics market growth.

Trucknet’s cloud-based collaborative platform is a first-of-its-kind, multi-participant, cross-border infrastructure that has the power to change forever the way the industry operates today.

The technological innovation, the synchronization between the various systems, and the digitization of the transportation processes offered by Trucknet’s technology impact most of the processes in the cargo transportation and logistics market, including delivery methods, content and content cargo management, payment documentation, and m make this conservative industry more environmentally friendly and sustainable through technology.

Trucknet’s platform supports the change from traditional to digital transportation working methods that are customer convenient and enables short and efficient data analysis.

Trucknet’s technology makes it possible to produce “combined transport” processes, which connect all the shipping segments in different modes of transport – land, air, and sea. The growing need for integrated transport is driving the growth of the cargo transport and logistics market.

Trucknet’s development department is working on enhancing our platform’s A.I., B.I., and ML capabilities. The A.I. system will help improve the decisions made by the work scheduler. The B.I. and ML system will extract relevant analysis from the data collected by the platform, such as a recommendation to travel on a particular route at a specific time.

Investing in research and development and collaborations with various stakeholders introduces innovative elements that help promote new capabilities in the shipper’s vehicles and their drivers, such as better measurement and reporting of fuel saving and pollutant emissions, optimization of traffic route planning, and more.

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