SDG 13 -
Climate action

"Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts."

We understand that everyone has a role in the urgent need to protect the planet from global climate change. We do our share by helping companies in the transport industry to reduce their carbon footprint.

Besides being a solid solution for GHG emissions reduction by reduction of empty rides and resolving the “empty Mile” problem Trucknet platform integrates with a wide range of data on a company’s trucks, travel routes, loads, and other parameters with dedicated proprietary artificial intelligence-based algorithms to allow reading, calculating and real-time display of greenhouse gas emissions of each truck and the Company’s entire fleet, under the EN16258 standard.

The pollutant emissions is calculate twice: 

  • Before making the trip, the system estimates the amount of pollution emitted during that trip. This assessment helps in planning the shipping to minimize pollutant emissions.
  • During the trip, the system calculates the pollutant emissions in real-time and displays an actual pollutant emission report at the end. 

At the end of each trip, the customer can compare the system’s initial assessment with the actual result.

Our GHG calculator gives our customers measurable and immediate GHG emission results. This way, it is possible for the Company not only to report retrospectively on the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment but also to manage them in real-time to reduce them to a minimum and thus reduce its carbon footprint.

The land transport market is conservative and relies on existing working methods. Trucknet helps companies in the industries to adopt new technologies and to raise awareness of the variety of impact solutions which can be implemented immediately and enable improvement and optimization in all dimensions in a short time.

Trucknet is also participates in the OECD transport and research discussions and has been a part of the U.N. climate committees since 2015. At the climate conference held in Sharm (cop 27), Tarkent’s solution presented as part of their official IETA booth.

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