CEO statement

Hanan Friedman, Founder and President, Trucknet

The way to fulfill the vision is immediate solutions

The great challenge facing us today is our view as an industry responsible for 20% of polluting emissions, our part, and our responsibility in shaping the future of our planet.

It is clear to all today that only a firm policy of countries, and international cooperation, will be able to produce the change required to meet the goals set by the world leaders at the recent climate conferences. Will we successfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Israel by 30%, as stated by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection? Will the Western countries fulfill their commitment to reducing emissions to 0% in 2050? The only way to realize this vision is through practical solutions like the one offer by Trucknet.

Our ability to provide, among other things, a system that records emissions in real-time, and enables its analysis as a database collected from the telematics systems of vehicle fleets, has changed how companies treat emissions today. Instead of manual and inaccurate registration stored without any use, the creation of a perfect extensive data array, which in the future will lead to the possibility of trading emissions contracts with similar factories and companies.

The French philosopher Jacques Alul said, “Modern technology has become an absolute phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which an efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.”

When looking towards the distant future, when autonomous trucks driven by electricity will be on the roads, it does not take much to imagine the significant role that Trucknet’s system will play in driving shipping processes without human contact.

Until then, we continue to develop our cloud-based ecosystem – which streamlines the shipping processes while subjecting them to each country’s regulation.

Through the “floating fleet” on our platform, we create a cooperative economy-based solution to the problem of the “empty mile” of heavy vehicles, thereby helping to not only achieve economic efficiency and improve profitability but also to reduce road travel and the number of traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles. These are lofty goals directly related to improving the quality of life for all of us, regardless of geopolitical borders.

Another tool in our kit is the “Trucknet Smart Catalyst”. An exclusive fuel-saving product that calculates GHG emissions that implement immediately in heavy vehicle fleets, alongside strategic collaborations that we have worked on in the past two years expand the diverse suite of solutions that we can adapt for the consumers of the transportation and logistics industry on the way to realizing the vision of 0 pollutant emissions in 2050.

Trucknet as a company will continue to engrave on its banner values of openness, investigation, diversity, and cooperation and will strive to produce, alongside a professional, proactive, and fair work environment, growth mechanisms that support the community and stakeholders, in the transportation and logistics sectors, which rely and depend on the human resource.

Founder and President, Trucknet

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