Terms and Conditions

      1. Acceptance of Terms
        • The Terms of Use (“Terms“) you are reading are a legally binding agreement between Trucknet ENTERPRISE Ltd (“Trucknet” or “We“), and yourself (“you” or “User”). By clicking Signing Up, accessing, or otherwise using Trucknet’s website (located at https://www.trucknet.io/) (“Website“) you agree that you have read, understood, accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.
        • If you are unwilling to accept all of the Terms, you should not check the “I accept” checkbox and you should not purchase Services or use the Website.
        • You declare that by acceptance of these Terms and/or by using the Website you are: (a) you are at least 18 years old and you act on behalf of a business entity that makes use of the Service for business purposes; (b) not prevented or barred, in any way, from entering these Terms and/or using the Website; (c) not in breach or conflict with any other agreement, undertaking or law to which you are subject or bound; and (d) not barred from receiving the Services (as defined below) under the laws of the country in which you are resident or from which you use the Website.
        • You hereby acknowledge that your right to use the Website is limited by these Terms, and, if you violate or if, at any point, you do not agree to any of the terms contained in these Terms, your right to use the Website shall immediately terminate, and you shall immediately refrain from using the Website. If the Website or any part thereof is determined to be illegal under the laws of the country in which you are situated, you shall not be granted with any right to use the Website, and must refrain from using the Website.
        • Trucknet reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time and without notice, and it is your responsibility to review these Terms regularly for any changes. Your use of the Website following any amendment of these Terms will signify your assent to and acceptance of its revised terms.
        • To the extent that there is a contradiction and/or inconsistency between any of the conditions in these Terms, and the Hebrew version of the Terms which is available at https://www.trucknet.io/terms-and-conditions-he/, the wording and provisions most favorable to Trucknet shall apply and prevail.
      1. Description of Platform
        • Trucknet offers a platform that enables connection between various transportation providers (“Transportations Providers“) from all over the world to interested entities which need to transfer cargo (“Matching Service” and “Shippers“, respectively), for providing shipping services by a Transportations Provider to a Shipper as follows:
          • Shippers can request for the transport of their goods. The request should include the necessary details for the Transportation Providers, such as location of the goods and the destination, a description of the goods to be transported including weight and dimensions, together with other relevant information for the Transportation Provider. Note that Trucknet does not guarantee that a request by a Shipper is accepted or that an offer is made by a Transportation Provider.
          • As soon as the request of the Shipper to transport of goods has been approved, the details of the request will be sent as soon as possible via the Website to the affiliated Transportation Providers.
          • After successfully completing the registration the Transportation Providers may reflect on the requests from Shippers to transport goods by stating their conditions.
          • Additional method for a Shipper to engage with a Transportation Provider for transfer cargo, is by posting a cargo transfer request on the website as a bid, what allows Transportation Providers interested in providing transportation services to submit their offers, with the highest offer being selected as the winning bid. This method is available only to Shippers that purchased a monthly subscription as detailed in section ‎3 below.
          • If an offer is accepted by the Shipper both parties receive each other’s contact information and an agreement between the Shipper and the Transportation Provider is made. Note that Trucknet makes no representation or warranty whatsoever as to success of a Transportations Provider on the Website for the number of clients or amount of business, or the willingness or ability of Shippers to pay.
        • It is clarified that Trucknet’s Matching Service is strictly limited to establishing connections between Shippers and Transportations Providers, and to the extent that Trucknet does not act as the Transportation Provider with respect to a certain shipment, Trucknet: (1) is not a party to agreements or any contractual relationships between Shipper and Transportations Provider; (2)is not responsible for the performance or non-performance of the transportation services by a Transportations Provider, their nature, quality, safety and/or legality; (3) is not responsible or liable for the contract including the conditions under which the carriage shall be carried out. Such an agreement is the responsibility of the Transportation Provider and Shipper; (4) shall not assume any responsibility for any information provided by the Users, its integrity, accuracy and/or reliability.
        • in addition to the Matching Service, Trucknet suggests digitization services (“Digitization Services” and collectively with the Matching Service, the “Services”), which allow User who purchase monthly subscription to manage transportations of cargo using the platform (regardless of whether the transportation services were ordered by using the Matching Services). The Digitization Services include inter alia receiving a digital e-CMR document, option to contact with driver, view the location of the outsourced truck etc.
        • You agree that your use of the Website as a Transportation Provider or as a Shipper shall be at your sole risk. If you decide to provide transportations services through the use of the Website, you must exercise a reasonable standard of care, at least the same as a professional Transportation Provider would in a similar transaction not conducted through the internet, or the standard of care mandated by your profession, whichever is higher. You shall not have any plea, claim or demand against Trucknet, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, sub-contractors and agents in respect of any services you provide in connection with the use of the Website.
      2. Access to the Website
        • It is your responsibility to ensure that the device you use, including without limitation, your computer or mobile device meets all the necessary technical specifications to enable you to access and use the Website. Trucknet does not provide you with the equipment to access and/or use our Website. You are responsible for all fees charged by third parties related to your access and use of the Website (e.g., charges by Internet service providers or air-time charges), and Trucknet will not be any way liable or responsible for any fees, costs and/or expenses in connection therewith.
        • Trucknet cannot guarantee that the Website or the Service will always function without disruptions, delay or errors. Various factors can impact the quality of your experience while using the Website, potentially resulting in communication failures or disruptions. These factors may include, but are not limited to, issues with your local network, firewall, Internet service provider, public infrastructure, and power supply. Trucknet takes no responsibility for any disruption, interruption or delay caused by any failure of, or inadequacy in any of these items or any other items over which Trucknet have no control, including, but not limited to, failures or delays that has been caused by or is a result of Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” refers to inter alia, acts of God, acts of public enemy, civil strife, wars declared or undeclared, embargoes, labor disputes, including strikes, lockouts, job actions or boycotts, fires, explosions, floods, orders by any government, governmental agency or instrumentality or by any other supervening authority, computer malfunctions, telephone system failures, issues with other communication systems, acts of sabotage, security or safety incidents or by any other unforeseeable circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Trucknet.
      3. Account Information
        • Your use of the Website may require the creation of an account (“Account“), which may also required personal username and password and additional details as your name, phone number and e-mail address (the “Login Information“). The following rules govern the security of your Account and Login Information. For the purposes of these Terms, references to Account and Login Information shall include any account and account information, including user names, passwords or security questions, whether or not created for the purpose of using the Service, that are used to access the Service.
          • You shall not share your Account or Login Information, nor let anyone else access your Account or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your Account. Trucknet will not ask you to reveal your password and will not initiate contact with you asking for answers to your password security questions;
          • In the event you become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including, without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your Login Information or unauthorized access to your Account, you must immediately notify Trucknet and modify your Login Information;
          • You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of your Login Information, including purchases, whether or not authorized by you;
          • You are responsible for anything that happens through your Account, whether or not such actions were taken by you including, for the avoidance of doubt, actions taken by third parties. You therefore acknowledge that your Account may be terminated if someone else uses it to engage in any activity that violates these Terms or is otherwise improper or illegal;  
          • You undertake to monitor your Account and restrict use by any individual barred from accepting these Terms and/or receiving the Service, under the provisions listed herein or any applicable law. You shall accept full responsibility for any unauthorized use of the Service by any of the above mentioned;
          • Trucknet reserves the right to remove or reclaim any usernames at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to claims by a third party that a username violates such third party’s rights.
        • Following the initial log in, additional information might be required in order the complete your personal profile such as: state, entity ID, languages you can provide the services, field of expertise, preference of the Transportation Provider and qualifications, description of the goods to be transported.
        • You agree that you will supply accurate and complete information to us, and that you will update that information promptly after it changes. You represent and warrant that you have full right and authority to provide Trucknet with the foregoing information, including, without limitation, any third party’s consent (to the extent required under any applicable law).
        • Trucknet takes no responsibility for examining the truthfulness or accuracy of the details in Users personal profile, credentials, qualifications, or any Users postings or transmissions.
      4. Rules of Conduct and Usage
        • You agree that you will comply fully with these Terms and all applicable domestic and international laws, regulations, statutes, ordinances that govern your use of the Website and/or the Services. Without limiting the foregoing, and recognizing the global reach of the Internet, you agree to comply with both local and international regulations governing online conduct. Additionally, you undertake to adhere to all applicable laws concerning the transmission of content and the safeguarding of individuals’ privacy.
        • You agree to abstain from engaging in any deceptive or fraudulent actions targeting Trucknet or any User, and you would not participate in dishonest behaviors while utilizing the Website, and/or the Services.
        • In addition, and without derogation from the above, by registering as a User, you represent, warrant and agree to the following:
          • You represent and warrant that you have full right and authority to provide the Services to Shippers.
          • At all times, you will provide correct and accurate representation of skills, degrees, qualifications, background and other information as prompted by any form on the Website and will maintain and update all such information at all times.
          • You posses the knowledge, the resources, experience and personal necessary to perform the Service, in a professional, safe and reliable way and within agreed timescales.
          • You shall not perform Services in any jurisdiction where you are not authorized or licensed or in good standing to do so.
          • You will not misrepresent yourself or create a misleading name or listing. The foregoing requirements are ongoing obligations for you to maintain and update on a regular basis.
          • You will not attempt to provide any Services that you are not qualified to provide, even if requested to do so by a User.
          • You will not take any actions which may undermine, disrupt or manipulate the integrity of the Users feedback (rating) system on the Website. 
          • You will not upload, post, e-mail, transmit or otherwise make available: (a) any information or material that infringes a third party right, especially copyright or other intellectual property rights; (b) any third party advertisements, including banner exchange services or any information or material that is not connected to the Services; (c) software viruses, trojan horses, worms or any other malicious application or (d) any information or material which may constitute or encourage conduct that is a criminal offense or civil wrong or otherwise violates any applicable law;
        • In addition, and without derogation from the above, you agree that you shall not:
          • Copy, rent, lease, sell, transfer, assign, sublicense, disassemble, reverse engineer or decompile (except if expressly authorized by Trucknet or by applicable statutory law), modify or alter any part of the Website;
          • Violate the contractual, personal, intellectual property or other rights of any party, including by using, uploading, transmitting, sharing, or in any other manner make any information or material provided through the Website available in a manner that infringes copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or any other rights of any party (including rights related to privacy or advertising).
          • Rent, lease, sell, trade, gift, bequeath or otherwise transfer your Account or any content provided to you as part of the Services to anyone without Trucknet’s prior written consent;
          • Violate any applicable laws or regulations, or encourage or promote any illegal activity including, but not limited to, copyright infringement, defamation, or invasion of privacy, identity theft, unauthorized computer access, counterfeit software distribution, scams, or unauthorized service access;
          • Attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers for the Website;
          • Upload, execute, or transmit (or attempt to do so) files that include viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or any comparable software or program that could initiate fraudulent orders, disrupt the Website’s functionality, or damage the computers or mobile devices of other Users;
          • Initiating or enabling the activation of any computer application or similar methods with the intent to search, scan, copy, or automatically retrieve content from the Website. This includes software designed to replicate information or content from the Website, either in its entirety or partially, and the creation or use of such methods to establish a compilation, collection, or database containing content sourced from the Website;
          • Fabricating a deceptive persona, generating multiple identities or user accounts, establishing an account in the name of another individual, using bots or automated scripts to engage in fraudulent activities, or otherwise infringing upon these Terms and/or the terms of service of third parties is strictly prohibited;
          • Attempt to obtain passwords or other personal information from other Users, including personally identifiable information (whether presented as text, images, or video), identification documents or financial information;
          • Create documents or present presentations related to or involving Trucknet without obtaining prior written approval from Trucknet. This includes marketing advertisements and any use of Trucknet’ trade name, trademarks, or samples on the Website;
          • Access or use an account that has been rented, leased, sold, traded, gifted, bequeathed or otherwise transferred from the account creator without the prior written consent of Trucknet;
          • Engage in any fraudulent activity in relation to payment methods; and
          • remove or destroy any copyright or restricted rights notices: (a) affixed to any media containing the Website; or (b) incorporated within the Website.
        • The utilization of the Website and the Service is exclusively intended for personal and private use. Please refrain from copying, publicly displaying, using, or permitting others to use the Website’s content the for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, that deviates from personal and private consumption. Additionally, do not utilize the Website for purchases with the intention of resale. Trucknet reserves the right to establish a maximum quantity of Services that can be acquired in a single transaction, and it also retains the discretion to cancel or reduce the quantity of such Service to be provided to the User if such actions are deemed a violation of the Terms.
      5. Payments
        • The Users shell offer and receive Services in accordance with any quotation or offer which is accepted by them both and the payment will be made using credit cards only.
        • Without derogating from anything to the contrary, Trucknet may, at its sole discretion, add, remove or change the features and services it offers in relation to payment processing and the terms of payment or other fees collected, at any time.
        • Payments are processed through a third-party payment processor (a “Payment Processer“) and then paid Trucknet. You agree: (i) that the services of Payment Processors may be used to process transactions; (ii) to review and be bound by the Payment Processor’s terms of use and privacy policy; (iii) to only provide valid and current information for yourself; and (iv) except as expressly set forth herein (or any applicable usage rules), that all payments made are final and non-refundable. You acknowledge that you may need to hold, or register, an active account with the Payment Processor. We are not responsible or liable for any activities or conduct of a Payment Processor, and you agree that you shall have no claim, suit or demand of any kind, and by agreeing to these Terms, hereby irrevocably and completely waive any such claim, suit or demand of any kind, to the extent such may exist or hereafter arise, towards us and any of our managers, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, affiliates, employees, consultants, service providers and/or any other person or entity acting on our behalf, in connection with or related to the conduct or any act or omission of a Payment Processor.
        • You are required to use a credit card that is registered under the name of an authorized employee of yours. If you choose to use a third party’s credit card details, you must do so with the explicit consent of the registered owner of the credit card. In such cases, you assume complete responsibility and agree to promptly indemnify Trucknet for any claims or demands made by the credit card owner or any third party related to your utilization of the aforementioned credit card.
        • After the Payment Processor confirms the successful financial transaction for the Service, Trucknet will send an order confirmation to the email address provided by you. If you do not receive such confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order, we advise you to reach out to us via phone or email.
        • It is your responsibility to verify that all the information provided is accurate, complete, up-to-date, and correct. Trucknet assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or malfunctions that may arise due to incorrect details entered by you. Intentionally furnishing false information may potentially be considered a criminal offense. Legal actions, both civil and criminal, may be pursued against who supply false information. This may encompass claims for damages incurred by Trucknet due to disruptions in the Website’s operation.
        • An order that has not been confirmed by receiving an order confirmation as stated above will not obligate Trucknet in any way.
        • Note that Payment Processer may charge a standard fee per each transaction, which will be borne by you. Such fees can vary and change in accordance with your country of residence and are subject to each Payment Processer’s terms and conditions applicable to you. We suggest that you access the applicable Payment Processer’s website for additional information on the fees charged by a Payment Processer and on other terms and conditions which may apply to you in connection with a transaction made through such Payment Processer.
        • Without derogating from the foregoing, you are strictly forbidden from collecting money and/or contributing money using the Website and/or providing Services in any manner that does not fully comply with the laws of the country in which you are resident or from which you use the Website, even if such collection and/or contribution can be technically affected on the Website or Services.
        • The Webite’s billing system is not error-free, and Trucknet shall not be liable for any problems, miscalculations or malfunctions in processing the payments due to you. If you think that a mistake has occurred, you must send your complaint to us within 30 days of discovery of such mistake.
      6. No Refund Policy. A Shipper is not entitled to cancel an order for Services and any amounts paid to Trucknet and/or Transportation Providers are non-refundable, other than: (1) as required in accordance with the Israeli Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 (and subject to the terms and conditions thereunder); or (2) if an order for Services was cancelled by the Transportation Provider in such terms that entitled the Shipper for refund according to the applicable terms between such Shipper and Transportation Provider.
      7. Benefits. Trucknet is entitled to provide promotions, discounts, or other benefits (collectively, “Benefits”) on the Website based on its own terms and at its discretion. These Benefits are subject to time limitations, quantity restrictions, and availability of the Services. Trucknet reserves the right to discontinue, substitute, or modify these Benefits at any time without prior notice. In most cases, multiple discounts or benefits will not be applied to Services sold on the Website, unless explicitly specified otherwise.
      8. Independent Contractor. Trucknet and Users are each independent contractor. This Terms do not create a joint venture, partnership, principal-agent or employment relationship between the parties.
      9. Ratings And Reviews.
        • The Website may include social networking functionality that will allow you and other Users to review and rate Transportations Providers, according to a variety of criteria. In order to preserve the integrity of these Reviews and Ratings, you agree that you will not, directly or indirectly: (i) receive incentives from Transportations Providers to rate their transportations services; (ii) rate or review the transportations services of any of your competitors; or (iii) take any other action that could reasonably be expected to artificially influence reviews or ratings results.
        • Trucknet reserves the right (but shall at no time be obligated) to, in its sole discretion, remove, block, edit, move, disable or permanently delete reviews or ratings from the Website with or without notice for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if the reviews or ratings violate this section, are deemed offensive or constitute a violation of applicable law. You hereby agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Trucknet shall at no time be responsible or held liable for the removal, modification or blocking of reviews or ratings and shall at no time be obligated to affect such removal other than under applicable law.
      10. Account Termination; Termination of Services
        • Trucknet reserve the right to cease, either temporarily or permanently, the operation of the Services, in full or in part, and/or restrict access to the Website, in full or in part, for any reason and at any time, without incurring any liability toward you or any third party. The suspension or termination of the Services or the Website may also involve the deletion of all data stored on the Website and/or in any servers used by Trucknet.
        • Trucknet may refuse access to the Website or may terminate your Account without notice for any reason, including, but not limited to, a suspected violation of these Terms, illegal or improper use of your Account, or illegal or improper use of the Website, User Content (as defined below), products, or suspected violation of Trucknet’s intellectual property as determined by Trucknet in its sole discretion or Users Complaints of not providing the Services. You may lose any content includes in your Account or related to it (as your user-name), as a result of Account termination, without responsibility on the part of Trucknet for any damage that may result from the foregoing. If you have more than one Account, Trucknet may terminate all of your Accounts. The above shall not derogate from any rights or actions available to Trucknet in case of a breach of the Terms or any applicable law, and Trucknet reserves the right to pursue legal actions to exhaust all available remedies under these Terms and/or in accordance with applicable law.
        • You acknowledge that Trucknet is not required to provide you notice before suspending or terminating your Account or selectively removing, revoking or garnisheeing benefits associated with your Account. In the event that Trucknet terminates your Account, you are not allowed to use any part of the Website again without Trucknet’s express permission. If you believe that any action has been taken against your Account in error, please contact us at: info@trucknet.lo
        • If you wish to deactivate your Account, you can initiate this procedure by contacting with our customer service at any time during business hours. Your Account will be deactivated within 5 business days from the date we receive your request. Please note that simply not using the Account does not result in its automatic closure.
      11. User Content
        • You might be able to submit, post, display, provide, or otherwise make available content such as pictures, videos, comments, questions, and other content or information on the Website. (any such materials you upload, submit, post, display, provide, or otherwise makes available on the Website is referred to as “User Content”)
        • You agree that you are publishing such User Content willingly and you represent that you own such content or have received the necessary authorizations from third parties, that you have all rights to publish said content and that publishing of the content by you complies with all applicable laws.
        • As the Website’s content will be available to internet users, it is prudent for every user to exercise caution and attentiveness when managing the content and information they share or transmit via the Website.
        • You shall make available only accurate information. You are the sole responsible for the accuracy of User Content you post or transmit through the Website. User Content does not represent the views or opinions of Trucknet, and there is no assurance of its validity, reliability, accuracy, or legality. Trucknet bears no responsibility for the User Content and information exchanged between users, with the complete responsibility resting on the user who shared or transmitted the content.
        • Trucknet does not claim ownership of any User Content. However, by sending and/or creating User Content and/or using the Website you automatically grant Trucknet a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license of all worldwide rights to use, edit, modify, include, incorporate, adapt, record and reproduce such User Content, including, without limitation, all trademarks associated therewith, in any manner whatsoever, in or out of context, in all languages, in all media now known or hereafter created for the purposes set forth in the Website and these Terms, including for the avoidance of doubt commercial, non-commercial and/or promotional use by Trucknet associating such User Content with your user information and\or user name. You may request that Trucknet delete and make no further use of such material by contacting us at: info@trucknet.lo.
        • Trucknet may or may not regulate User Content and provides no representations or guarantees regarding the accuracy, quality, or integrity of any User Content posted via the Website. By using the Website and platform you acknowledge and accept that you may be exposed to material you find offensive or objectionable. You agree that Trucknet will not under any circumstances be responsible or liable for any User Content, including, but not limited to, errors in any User Content or any loss or damage incurred by use of the User Content or for any failure to or delay in removing User Content.
        • Trucknet reserves the right (but shall at no time be obligated) to, in its sole discretion, remove, block, edit, move, disable or permanently delete User Content from the Website with or without notice for any reason whatsoever. You hereby agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Trucknet shall at no time be responsible or held liable for the removal, modification or blocking of material or User Content that may be considered offensive and shall at no time be obligated to affect such removal other than under applicable law.
      12. License
        • Subject to your agreement and compliance with these Terms, Trucknet grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, revocable, limited scope license to use the Website. Use of the Website shall be solely for your own, private purposes as set forth herein and for no other purpose whatsoever. For the removal of doubt, no commercial use may be made by you or any others on your behalf with the use of the Website without Trucknet’s prior written consent.
        • Trucknet may make modifications, adjustments and upgrades to the Website (collectively, “Updates”), as it deems necessary. These Terms will apply to any Updates that Trucknet may make available to you unless the Update is accompanied by a separate license, in which case the terms of that license will govern. You agree that Updates may affect your ability to use, access or interact with the Website. Trucknet is not obligated to provide any maintenance, technical or other support for the Website.
      13. Communication Channels
        • The platform may provide communication channels such as blogs, forums, communities, or chat areas (collectively, “Communication Channels“) designed to enable the communication of Users with each other and Trucknet. Trucknet is under no obligation to monitor these Communication Channels but may do so, and reserves the right to review materials posted to the Communication Channels and to remove any materials, at any time, with or without notice for any reason, at its sole discretion. Trucknet may also terminate or suspend your access to any Communication Channels at any time, without notice, for any reason. You acknowledge that chats, postings, or materials posted by users on the Communication Channels are neither endorsed nor controlled by Trucknet, and these communications should not be considered reviewed or approved by Trucknet. You will be solely responsible for your activities within the Communication Channels and under no circumstances will Trucknet be liable for any activity within the Communication Channels. You agree that all your communications within the Communication Channels may be public, and you have no expectation of privacy regarding your use of the Communication Channels. Trucknet is not responsible for information that you choose to share on the Communication Channels, or for the actions of other Users.
        • You shall not address or contact Users in any other way than the Website’s Communication Channels. The Communication Channels shall be used for the purpose of rendering the Services and shall not be used to any other purpose.
      14. Intellectual Property Ownership
        • Trucknet and/or its affiliates retains all rights, title, and interest, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, in and to the Service and the Website, including all Website’s materials (including, but not limited to, applications, software, designs, graphics, texts, information, pictures, video, sound, music, and other files, and their selection and arrangement) (collectively, “Website Materials“). The entire contents of the Service and the Website are protected by applicable copyright, trade dress, patent, and trademark laws, international conventions, and other laws protecting intellectual property and related proprietary rights. You shall not, nor shall you cause any other party to modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy, transfer, create derivative works from, rent, sub-license, distribute, reproduce framed, republish, scrape, download, display, transmit, post, lease or sell in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, use for any purpose other than for using the Service pursuant to these Terms or otherwise exploit any of the Service Materials without Trucknet’s explicit, prior written consent. The foregoing shall not apply to your own User Content that you post through the Service in accordance with these Terms. All other uses of copyrighted or trade mark material, including any derivative use, require explicit, prior written permission from Trucknet. Any duplication or redistribution of materials not in accordance with these Terms is explicitly prohibited and will result in the termination of your Account as well as exposure to civil and criminal penalties.
        • You hereby acknowledge that you do not acquire any rights or license of any kind over any right in the Website or the Service and intellectual property associated with them or embedded in the Website or the Service, by using the Website or by purchasing Services, as well as in any additions, developments, upgrades, improvements, updates, and/or derivatives creations of the Website, at any time and from time to time, except for the right to use the Website in accordance with these Terms.
      15. Feedback. If you send or transmit any communications, comments, questions, suggestions, or related materials regarding the Website (including the Website Materials) and/or the Service, whether by email or otherwise (collectively, “Feedback“), such Feedback is, and will be treated as, non-confidential and non-proprietary. You hereby assign all right, title, and interest in, and Trucknet is free to use, without any attribution or compensation to you, any and all Feedback for any purpose whatsoever. You understand and agree that Trucknet is not obligated to use, display, reproduce, or distribute any such ideas, know-how, concepts, or techniques contained in the Feedback, and you have no right to compel such use, display, reproduction, or distribution.
      16. Disclaimer of Warranty, Limitation of Liability and Release
        • Subject to the limitations set forth in these Terms hereunder, Trucknet shall be responsible for the operation of the Website, the Website’s content, activities conducted on the Website in compliance with the Terms and the provision of the Service.
        • The Website and the Services are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. You are personally solely responsible for any actions and omissions that are or will be made in reliance on the Website or the Services.

To clarify, in all instances where these Terms explicitly state that Trucknet disclaim warranties, liability or responsibility, this also applies to its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, contractors, partners, consultants, affiliates and employees with the required amendments.

      • Without derogating from section ‎‎3 above, Trucknet assumes no liability or responsibility for:
        • The accuracy or completeness of the content and details regarding the transportations services provided by the Transportation Providers or on the information regarding the required shipment provided by a Shipper.
        • Errors, mistakes, inaccuracies, non-suitability or non-conformity of content available at the Website;
        • Any unauthorized access to or use of Trucknet’s secure servers and/or any and all personal information and/or financial information stored therein;
        • Any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Website;
        • Any cyber-attacks, bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through the Website by any third party;
        • The quality of any information, or other material obtained by you through the Website; or
        • Any services provided by a Transportation Provider, including for disputes between Users, delays, delivery errors and wrongful or fraudulent use of the Service or the Website.
      • You agree to indemnify and hold Trucknet, and each of its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, contractors, partners and employees, harmless from and against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or in connection with any of the following:
        • Your use of and access to the Website;
        • Your violation of any term of these Terms or any applicable law;
        • Your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any contract infringements, copyright, property, or privacy right;
        • Any claim that a service provided by you has caused damage to a third party (including a Shipper); or
        • Any User Content you post or share on or through the Website.
      1. Third Party Materials
        • You may be able to access, review, display or use third party website, resources, content, information or links to other websites or resources (the “Third Party Materials“) via the Website. You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume any and all risks arising from your access to, use of or reliance upon any such Third Party Materials, and Trucknet disclaims any liability that you may incur arising from your access to, use of or reliance upon such Third Party Materials through the Website. You acknowledge and agree that Trucknet: (i) is not responsible for the availability, accuracy integrity, quality or lawfulness of such Third Party Materials or the products or services on or available from such Third Party Materials; (ii) has no liability to you or any third party for any harm, injuries or losses suffered as a result of your access to or use of such Third Party Materials; and (iii) does not make any promises to remove Third Party Materials from being accessed through the Website. Your ability to access or link to Third Party Materials does not imply any endorsement by Trucknet of such Third Party Materials.
        • These Terms do not authorize you to, and you may not use any Third Party Materials except as expressly permitted by the owners of such Third Party Materials and such owners may have the right to seek damages against you for any unauthorized use of their Third Party Materials. You may not use any Third Party Materials for which you have not obtained appropriate approval to use. Trucknet cannot grant permission to use third party content.
      2. Consumer Database
        • The Website may provide you with the opportunity to become a part of Trucknet’s consumer database. Enrolling in the consumer database and usage of the services suggested in related to it are governed by these Terms, which also include the privacy policy.
        • When enrolling in the consumer database, you will be requested to furnish personal information and grant consent for utilizing this data to send various forms of communications (including targeted advertisements). You shall supply accurate, precise, and comprehensive information exclusively. Providing inaccurate information may hinder the ability to join the consumer database and, if necessary, may result in the suspension of contact with the User.
      3. Privacy
        • All information related to Users and/or their transactions conducted via the Website will be managed, processed, utilized, and, if needed, deleted, in compliance with Trucknet’s privacy policy. You can access the Website’s privacy policy by following this link: https://app.trucknet.io/privacy-policy/en
        • Any information you provide to Trucknet when you create or update your Accounts or use the Website, including Login Information, will be held and used in accordance with these Terms and our aforementioned privacy policy.
      4. Notices. Notices, agreements or any other communication to you may be made via the Website, text messages, and/or e-mail (including by links to such communications). Trucknet may also provide notices of changes to these Terms or other matters by displaying notices or links to notices to you generally on the Website. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and any other communications that Trucknet provide as aforementioned satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing whether or not you access or review the notice and shall be deemed to have been delivered to you one business days from its delivery by Trucknet. Trucknet might (without any requirement) communicate with you also through mail or telephone using the information available in your Account or any other details you have provided to us.
      5. The Website’s Content. The Website’s content serves purely as general information and should not be considered a recommendation or opinion regarding the purchase of any service and the Users acknowledge and accept that any reliance on the information provided on the Website, including images and recommendations, is entirely at their own discretion and responsibility. Commercial content, such as ads and advertisements that may appear on the Website from time to time, should not be construed as an endorsement or encouragement to purchase the advertised service.
      6. Modifications of the Website. Trucknet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to periodically modify, update, enhance, or alter the Website structure, appearance, service scope, availability, and provided content (which may include introducing fees for certain content or services, as determined), as well as any other aspect related to the Website, without prior notification to Users. Such changes may result in temporary inconveniences or disruptions. You acknowledge that you will not have any claims, complaints, or demands against Trucknet for the above-mentioned actions or for any malfunctions.
      7. Notification and Removal Procedure. If you find any content on the Website that you deem offensive or believe it infringes upon any rights, including intellectual property rights, or if you come across links or references on the Website leading to such content, please promptly reach out to us via email at info@trucknet.lo. When reporting, kindly provide the following details: the nature of the infringement or violation, a link to the specific webpage on the Website, and your contact information. Trucknet will investigate the issue and get in touch with you if further information is needed.
      8. General
        • By using or visiting the Website or purchasing Service, you agree that the laws of Israel, without regard to principles of conflict of laws and regardless of your location, will govern these Terms and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and Trucknet. Any claim or dispute between you and Trucknet that arises in whole or in part from your use of the Website shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and you hereby consent to, and waive all defenses of lack of personal jurisdiction and forum non convenient with respect to venue and jurisdiction in the courts of Tel Aviv, Israel.
        • Failure by Trucknet to enforce any provision of these Terms, will not constitute a waiver of future enforcement of that or any other provision. If, for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these Terms invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the other provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effect. YOU AND TRUCKNET AGREE THAT ANY CLAIM ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE WEBSITE OR THE SERVICES MUST COMMENCE WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR AFTER THE CAUSE OF ACTION ACCRUES. OTHERWISE, SUCH CAUSE OF ACTION IS PERMANENTLY BARRED.
        • These Terms constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between Trucknet and you regarding its subject matter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous quotations, agreements, communications or understandings, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter. In case of contradiction and/or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and other publications, the provisions of these Terms shall prevail. In case of contradiction and/or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and the provisions of the privacy policy, the provisions of the privacy policy shall prevail.
        • Trucknet is entitled to assign its rights and obligations toward you to third party, provided that your said rights are not adversely affected. You are not allowed to assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations to any third party, without obtaining prior written approval from

For any questions about these Terms or any other issue regarding Trucknet or the Services please contact us at: info@trucknet.lo.


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