East to West Premier Transportation Route

East to West Premier Transportation Route

Safe and reliable solution

  • Launch of a quick land transport route from Bahrain and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to Israel, continuing to Europe and Egypt
  • Export from Israel and Egypt to Asia and to the Far East
  • Creates an alternative to transit through the Suez Canal and a significant reduction in transport times
  • Savings of up to 80% of the maritime shipping route
  • A solution to the security problems in the shipping route

Safe and reliable solution

What we do

TRUCKNET Enterprise, in cooperation with the companies PURETRANS FZCO (operating with the Dubai Ports), COX LOGISTICS W.L.L from Bahrain and WWCS from Egypt have begun operating quick bi-directional land transport routes between Dubai and Bahrain through Israel, to Europe or Egypt. The companies work through a shared vision and provide all logistics services to their customers using full digitalization and real-time visibility.

Rides Display in the System

Containers, Dry (HC) 40"
Port of Mina Salman
Port of Haifa
21 Apr, 07:00 - 23 Apr, 14:00
2 Days, 7 Hours
Departed from Customs
Containers, Dry (HC) 40"
Port Jebel Ali
Port of Haifa
22 Apr, 07:00 - 26 Apr, 9:00
4 Days, 2 Hours

Our Mission

We provide efficient and reliable maritime and land logistics services that, for the first time, will connect the UAE and the ports of Israel, Egypt and Europe.
We do this while ensuring safe, efficient and competitive transport, as well as maintaining attractive transport schedules.
The new route constitutes a groundbreaking contribution towards the promotion of trade and an increase of economic growth in the Middle East, while upholding the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

Contact Us

+972 77 970 9090


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